Well here I go!

  Welcome, I hope that some of the thoughts on here serve to inspire you to chase your dreams.  As Missy and I raised our children, we had three rules:  try your hardest, have fun, and be on time.   Simple rules but they seem to capture most of what is important in life.  What good will it do you to hold back, to stay afraid of embarrassing yourself, to not let it all hang out?  If you can’t have fun why do  it?  Sometimes we need to remember we are making investments toward fun when we are working through difficult times, but try to have fun no matter how distasteful the task at hand might be.  And finally, respect others by being on time.  Good manners are the lubricant of easy social intercourse and the fact that the discipline of having good manners has fallen to the wayside in no small part contributes to the growing coarseness of our society.  So there you have it, my philosophy of parenting kids.

My attempt at blogging.  I don’t know who will read my rantings but we shall see.


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