Back yard birding

I have wanted to know more about birds in my backyard and so I have begun an undertaking to do just that.   I live near the Ogeechee river and there are a lot of birds in our neighborhood.   I want to start a list of the birds I have seen sitting on my deck.  I will get pictures up eventually but here is a short list:  Bald Eagle, Blue Jay, Crow, Cardinal, Brown Thrasher, Wren, Hummingbird, Woodpecker, Robin, Turkey Vulture, Bluebird, Chickadee, and Horned Owls to name a few. 

 So my goal is  to get ornithological in my back yard.  What intrigues me about birds is their simultaneous general awareness but the very focused attention to other birds of their own species.   There are some pretty intense battles in the back yard yet the birds are also aware of the general surroundings and threats.   Make no mistake the most serious threat of all is from their own species as far as I can tell.  I will keep this thread going as I progress in my birding prowess.


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