Tragedy happens

As I was driving to see a customer yesterday an old Basset ran into the street and was struck by a car full of high school boys.   They stopped, I stopped and the dog was wailing in pain as the car had broken his hind leg.  I coaxed him out of the street and into the yard where he lay in excruciating pain.   His eyes were pleading with me to make the pain stop.  He was snapping in the air if a hand came too close.   The grey hairs on his face betrayed his age and he was hurting like it had never hurt before.   The dog’s owner came over and went and got his truck to take him to the vet.   I just spoke softly to the dog assuring him that soon the pain would subside.   Unfortunately it did at 6:30 that night he expired, overcome by the shock and age he passed away.   I still get choked up when I see his eyes looking at me begging for relief.  Needless to say my hound has been the recipient of some extra TLC. 

I feel terrible for the dog’s owner who was just so stricken with grief as he tried to load the dog in his truck, he couldn’t speak.   When I stopped by that afternoon before they knew the fate of their beloved dog the owner was laying down in an  attempt to calm down.   It is so sad that in a brief second and a matter of inches tragedy can  strike.  I know there are parents who have lost children to accidents and had their entire world turned upside down.   There is much discussion of tragedy in theology.  C.S. Lewis wrote about the death of his beloved wife, and the disciples asked Jesus about tragedy and he said it isn’t about the sinner but sometimes it is a way to show the glory of God.   I remember a sermon to that effect, that what appeared to be a series of tragedies were later revealed to be blessings.   I am  sure that as time passes the dog’s owner will cease grieving and begin a new husbandry.  This might open some space in his heart for a new love.  Who knows, we sometimes just have to wait and see.  God bless.


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