My Girl

It is hard to believe this picture is from thirty years ago, at the height of our courtship.   It was a struggle as she kept running off to summer camp and I would have to wait for her to come back.   That spirit, the independence are traits that have kept my infatuation with her from fading. 

She is something else.  She has the compassion of a nun, the integrity of a judge, the curiosity of a tattle-tale, the attention to detail of a perfectionist, the loyalty of an old dog, and the patience of Job.  What a girl!  As I look at the picture I remember all the dreams that lay ahead of us, and all the unknowns that would be revealed as we traveled life together.  It has been a blast, not without a few trials and tribulations but all in all a great life together.   Her long career as a camp counselor has led to our lives being something of a prolonged summer camp.  With day trips, activities, sports, skill building, and  the camaraderie that happens at a camp.   The zany and random friends and acquaintances we have collected over the years would make a camp directory look relatively normal. yet it has enriched our lives and for whatever reason has worked for us. 

And through it all she stands as the head counselor, the one who maps out the week, often by the seat of her pants.  The one who puts a damaged camper back together and sends them in for another session.  The one who calls the errant camper over and dresses them down in private and praises them in public.  She is one you can count on, even when she has no idea how to fix it somehow it gets fixed.  The one who can show a camper how to mend their shorts.  She is the one who can produce a bobby pin on demand.  She will get the show ready for the parents and then step to the background as if it were all new to her too.  She pulls the strings but hides behind the curtain.  She is quick to give the credit to somebody else and yet ready to take the blame if there is a problem.  She is the archetypical camp counselor.  

I hope in our third part of our lives she can return to her first love, summer camp and serve wherever she might be needed.   She is my girl and I love her just the way she is.


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