For most people who know Bonnarro think music festival when they hear the name.  For me it is a letting go, of my girls.  We have raised our girls to be independent, self-reliant, certain of their beliefs, and sure of their abilities.  And for the most part I would tell you we have succeeded.   So both girls have gone, my oldest went to the first six I think, missed a year went back last year and then is vicariously there this year through her sister.  My little girl is there now, with the admonition to text us morning and night to let us know she is okay. It is scary exhilarating to have your little girls go off to events like this.  But it is also the test of our parenting.  Were they listening?  Did we say the right things, coach them to make good decisions?   My oldest is my alter ego.  She is so much like me it is frightening, yet she is so much more together than I ever was.  Her mother has been a great influence as far at that goes.  My younger daughter is also much like me, in many traits, like fretting.  But both girls are resilient, tough, tenacious, and resourceful.  So in one way I am happy they are able to attend an event like this, and in  another it scares the bejesus out of me.  It must seem a little cest la vie to let your girls run off to a hippie music fest.  But my oldest has assured me it is corporate now and huge tents all over the place hawking the newest technologies and green products.  So here I sit praying for an incident free weekend for our little girl, you know I keep saying little girl but she is and adult now.  Really and truly my wife and I have not spent much time worrying about what people might think of our parenting style.  We have been careful in choosing the battles we fight with the kids.  This music-fest is a trial run at living away from us.  Once they are gone to college we can only hope they have learned the lessons we have tried to teach.  So in the spirit of Bonnaroo I have to say to their growing up and trust me they are all growed up;  “what long  strange trip it’s been!”


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