The agonizing death of a demonination

I am an Episcopalian. I became one when my mother was thrown out of the Roman Catholic church for having a hysterectomy in the early sixties.   I was still too young to remember much.   I have grown up in the church leaving for the obligatory spiritual wanderings of high school and college.  My beloved wife brought me back to the church, and I was ready to return.  We have been active in the church all of our 28 years together.   The  beauty of the Episcopal Church is that wonderful Elizabethan settlement, the via media, somewhere between the Bishop of Rome and Geneva in the expression of Christianity.  It is a liturgical based service focused on the sacraments, mainly the Eucharist.  I love this particular expression of worship as there is a thoughtful orderly procession of prayer, praise, lessons from the old testament, the psalms, the new testament, the Gospel, confession,  absolution, and Eucharist.

So back in the mid seventies the hippies got a hold of the Book of Common Prayer and “updated” the language in it to fit a progressive agenda.   Since then it has headed toward Hell in a handbasket.   You see the problem is the covenant laid down by Yahweh to Abraham is unchanging and absolute.  When God came to earth himself, he authored a new covenant for all peoples not just heirs of Abraham, and Paul lays out the details of the argument.  Well in 2003 the gay activists said that the spirit was moving the church into a new area and the Episcopal church consecrated a homosexual who was living with his partner to be bishop of New Hampshire.   While the rest of the Anglican Communion, and most God-fearing Episcopalians, were mortified and outraged that the actions of a few could destroy this once proud expression of faith.  You might say a lot of us took this news of the spirit moving in a new way like Mrs. Smith took Joseph Smith’s announcement that the Holy Spirit led him into sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in an Ohio farmhouse.  She said you are crazy and left him and Mormon followers.  Likewise most orthodox Episcopalians left the Episcopal church in the U.S.A. as well as Anglican provinces around the world have cut ties with the Episcopal church.   So those activists have railed, sued, deposed, and generally scorched the earth of the dissidents.  They say that the Bible is outdated and is not speaking to the post modern person and that the understanding of homosexuality was not then what it is now.  They assert their spirit led evolution of scripture and God’s relationship with us to conform to current cultural realities. 

Sadly they are unaware that the Truth is unchanging and they can rail, rend, and rant all they want.  God has seen worse and He can wait this one out too.  Here is what the activist frustration might look like to God:

The fact is folks just aren’t buying it, and ironically neither are the gays as they have not flooded into the churches that have declared themselves to be inclusive.  The Episcopal church for the most part is terminal.   The death of the denomination reminds me of the story of the farmer who had a sick horse.  The hateful neighbor told him to give the horse strychnine and the desperate farmer did so and the horse became sicker still, and the neighbor insisted on the treatment until the horse died and the neighbor rode by clucking that he didn’t give the horse enough.  The presiding bishop is crazy.  There is no other explanation short of being possessed.   She has sued orthodox congregations for their church buildings and  for their property in the name of the legacy of the Episcopalians past to preserve for the future Episcopalians and then sold the buildings for a third of the value to Muslims.  Go figure.



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2 responses to “The agonizing death of a demonination

  1. Kathy

    Just curious–did you feel the same way when the Church started consecrating women? I don’t ask this to defend the gay position, but there is surely no tradition supporting women in leadership positions.

    • That is a good question, albeit unrelated to the issue. Yes I was for woman:s ordinations.

      The decision by the leadership of the church to legitimize biblicaly sinful behavior to increase membership is either extraordinarily cynical or woefully misguided. There have always been adulterers in the priesthood as well as homosexuals but it was never celebrated as a source of pride. There was once a time when ones dignity wasn’t derived from advertising ones bedroom activities. Hope that clarifies my position.

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