A fresh canvas

I got an email from a prolific writer and moderator from a website I visit regularly thanking me about something and then the most startling sentence I have seen in some time; “I wish *you* would re-start your blog.”   I don’t know this moderator, I admire her work and her convictions but she doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat.  So I was shocked, I mean scared shocked that somebody actually read this stuff.    I thought Missy, Macon, Cole, and her friend Halley were the extent of my readership.  That was the catalyst I needed to find the blog, log in and try to get it kicked back into action.

So let me catch you up, I have laid low for the past year on purpose.   Missy and I are moving to Chattanooga, TN this summer.  I have been up here for almost a year now, renting an apartment in an old building on an abandoned army post, Fort Oglethorpe at the edge of the Battle of Chickamauga national park.  We have bought a house on Missionary Ridge and in July will finish the move.  Hopefully our house will sell before then!  All of our kids are now out of the house with Billy heading to the Darlington school and Cole at Sewanee, Oliver in Atlanta, and Macon in NYC it made sense to follow the job opportunity in northwest Ga.  We are around two hours from each of the kids, and close to many friends from college days so it has worked out.  We didn’t say much because we wanted to make sure the job thing was what was promised, it is and more, and not to steal any thunder from the kids.  This was a big year for both of them going into the dorms and away from mom and dad.  I would say for the most part it has been a great year for both Billy and Cole. 

As Missy and I look ahead we have a chance to hit the reset button on a lot of things, first ourselves.  We have spent the last seven years in an autopilot mode of raising four children, caring for dying parents and all that that encompasses.  Now we can devote time to our diets, our fitness, each other, reading, and other self-improvement activities (Missy’s list for me is pretty long) to work on.  It has been a tough year being apart but we have each added skill sets that before we had depended on the other to take care of for us.  So that has been a good thing.  I hope that we can continue to relish the time together like we have had to on the all too brief visits that have sustained us through this year.  Another aspect of the reset button is church shopping.  We can start fresh and look around.  I have been attending a little Episcopal (non revisionist that I can tell) when I stay here for the weekend and it has been refreshing.  But Missy will have to go with me several Sundays to form her own opinion and then we can decide what to do.

We are looking forward to hiking, and buying some bikes, and even a ping-pong table (yes, I really think our marriage can survive another ping-pong table) to rekindle that competitive spirit.  Be assured there is nothing friendly in the competition during those games, only blood will do.

So, I am back blogging and hopefully the muses will sing something worth while for me to post.


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