Macho Man Weekend

It has been a macho man weekend.  I stayed in Chattanooga and did the bachelor thing this weekend.  I went to a spring football scrimmage to sate my longing for football until this fall.  My son played well, he needs to pay attention to technique more but a good showing overall.  I mowed the yard, and then the manliest of manly activities, I grilled some ribs.  Yes folks, rubbed, and smoked some ribs.  I tried a new recipe for potatoes and it was great.  There is just nothing like the smell of freshly mown grass as the backdrop for the aroma of charcoal burning.  Add some wood chips and some ribs, and a cold beer for the pinnacle of a guy accomplishment for the weekend.  Yeah, some folks tackled way bigger projects but I reveled in my macho weekend and I donned my best yard in the ‘hood championship belt.

On a sadder note and in conjunction with the macho weekend theme, Randy “Macho Man” Savage died in a car wreck after suffering a heart attack.  He was a professional wrestler, the modern equivalent of the morality play actor.  Good versus evil.  What was interesting was the constant  re-packaging of this struggle so the audience would keep coming back.  It was ever fluid, and they did all they could to keep the outcome of the match in doubt but you knew the good guys would prevail somehow.  They could be down, and beaten severely almost tapped out but then something would happen and the good guy would rise up and vanquish the bad guy to the cheers of the adoring crowds.  When Oliver was in the fifth grade he liked wrestling so I took him to the coliseum in Savannah to watch a match.  I really couldn’t tell you that Randy “Macho Man” Savage was on the card that night but I want to think he was.  Randy was a cast character, imposing size, modest speaking ability, and probably a real “team” player so he was usually around.  Goldberg was the big name then and he didn’t show, I do remember that much as it caused Oliver much disappointment.  We had a great time anyway and the crowd was really into it.  Randy died because of his size and what he did to his body to get to that size.  I am sure he lived life to the fullest just like all of us macho men. 

When macho men mow, we buy bigger better mowers and more power equipment to do a better job and so we get a better looking yard.  Jesus tells us to consider the lilies of the field that neither spin nor toil but are more beautiful than Solomon’s finest array, we say Jesus give me the wheel.  We know what it takes to have a perfect yard and it usually entails bigger power equipment.    I won’t even start on grills and what a space race that has become with five digit price tags on some of the gas jobs and huge patio cooking areas.  Remember, bigger is better that is what us macho men know. 

I don’t have a riding mower, I have a push mower.  It brings an intimate understanding of the yard pushing the mower around, plus it really makes me sweat.  I have broken down a purchased the self-propelled push mower to help me on the hills of the new yard.  Pushing a mower around is enormously satisfying in that the drone of the engine puts me into a contemplative state and I think about and resolve the happenings of the week.  As far as grills I have zagged, and gone back to charcoal.  I have a simple Charbroil kettle style grill.  It takes longer but I think it gives the food a better and more authentic taste than gas.

  Randy Savage was a huge man, now mowers are huge as are their price tags, and grills are the same way.  I don’t know why it is that way but the natural competition of men seems to lead to that end,  whatever arena you choose.  Bigger is better that is the mantra of the macho man.  Randy Savage among others died prematurely as a result of the macho man lifestyle, and yet that doesn’t stop the rest of us from ebracing the macho man lifestyle.


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