John Gorrie I salute you

Well the air conditioning in the lovely home we bought failed at the beginning of the first heat wave of the summer.  Of course the home inspector had a caveat in his assessment of the A/C system so he is off the hook for the cost of the new A/C since I didn’t have a professional A/C man look at the system prior to closing.  It has been mid nineties here in Chattanooga the past week, and looking ahead it will stay that way for some time.  Which brings me to John Gorrie, the inventor or air conditioning, something I will no longer take for granted.

There are lots of things I take for granted and shouldn’t.  But the twist is that by closing the windows and having A/C running I miss a lot of other things as well.   When I had to figure out something, I opened the windows, fought and won the battle with the storm windows, went into the basement and found the screens to replace the storm windows and discovered some neat things in the process.  There is a lovely breeze up here on “the Ridge” in the afternoons.  While it was 96 outside it was only 88 inside the house and with some fans down to 84 degrees.  Upstairs, not so much.  That was a trip, but I am sure my skin is better for all the sweating.  By having the windows open I could hear the noise of the ‘hood.  The birds in the yard, and we have plenty of cardinals and finches that stay busy bathing in the koi pond and staking out territory.  I could hear the sirens in the distance, and the sounds of joggers on the street.  It connected me to my neighborhood in a different way.  Sometimes it is good to accept the inconveniences at face value and discover new things around you.  

My son Billy is a Life scout, and Missy had wanted to do his Eagle project in March over spring break but life got in the way so it has been postponed until this week.  As it turns out all the problems have yielded a better experience for Billy, Missy, the troop, and the Wildlife Refuge because they have had to rework the project several times and everytime it gets easier and the results better.  I can think of plenty of incidents when the problems pile up and then when I quit fighting the problem but accept the situation for what it is then everything seems to unfold in a manner that is almost effortless.  You would think I could remember that instead of fighting the next problem. So next time when the air conditioner fails, open the windows and breathe in the evening air, notice the fireflies, and enjoy.

 Then again it also good to hit the thermostat to 78 and enjoy some cool air.  Thank you John Gorrie.


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