Wonderful World of Words

Vocabulary is what adds flavor to the conversation.  When you have access to words that describe, illustrate, and alliterate your sentences come alive for the reader.  Words like ubiquitous, languid, prophylactic, surreptitiously, and others are losing their usage because of the new mediums and the constant short cutting like txtg and the debasement of the vernacular.  I have a sister-in-law whose emails and messages are chock full of abbreviations and acronyms so you spend as much time deciphering as it could have taken her to actually write out what she wanted to say.  So who’s time is more valuable, the writer’s and their time to spell out, punctuate, and say what they mean by using vocabulary that precisely defines the meaning or the reader’s?  IMHO I guess if the reader needs the info urgently enough they will take the time to figure it out. LOL.

If you want to discover great vocabulary words in wonderful usage go to the hymnal.  I am Episcopalian so we have the 1978 hymnal and the words in the hymns are just beautiful.  Another place is the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, I mean you just don’t see propitiation thrown around in today’s culture.  There is a wonderful book, a short read, called The Professor and the Madman about the assembly of the Oxford English Dictionary.  What makes it different from the standard Webster American dictionary is that they went back to find the first recorded usage of a word in a poem, story, novel, whatever genre of literature.  It is an American who is incarcerated for murder that is one of the most prolific contributors to the Dictionary.   So much for the English thinking we are backward ROTFLMAO.

I would be chastened if I didn’t  chide you my dear readers to build your vocabulary, jk, and here is a great site that will help you do just that.  It is The Free Dictionary where they have the word of the day.  Some of the words are insipid, some are inspirational.  BTW you can go through the archives and work that as well.  The main thing is to use the words before your vocabulary begins to atrophy, and it makes people think you are smart.  Just look at me, lol.

The challenge is to be succinct after all, since brevity is the soul of wit I will close now.  BRB with another post!


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