How smart is your writing?

Okay, I am married to an English teacher who points out my run-on sentences and all my punctuation errors but hopefully you get the gist of my stories, points, and arguments.  Now, when the Sarah Palin email dump happened several folks used the FleschKincaid analysis to see how smart she is, or at least at what grade level she writes. It was 8.3 for most of her emails.   So I am wondering how they did that.  Well, if you copy and paste onto a Microsoft Word document you can use the feature that applies the Flesch-Kincaid metric to the work.

What?  Yes, in your Microsoft Word if you select the “Office” logo at the top left and when the dialogue box opens click on the box at the bottom right for “word options.”  Then in the left hand navigation bar select the “proofing” button.  Then make sure you have checked the box for “show readability  statistics.”   Hit okay to close the dialogue box.  Then put your cursor on a blank part at the end of your text and then double click on the little icon at the bottom left of the page just to the right of the word count, a dialogue box opens with data as to the ease of understanding for the reader and the grade level of the writing.  here is the link to the Microsoft instructions for the use in Word. 

Here is a link to the Wikipedia entry for Flesch-Kincaid Readablility .  So now you can see how smart your writing is as can the whole world with a simple copy and paste to examine the data for themselves.  Yikes!!

Whoah!!  Yes, it scores your writing.  The higher the Flesch Reading Ease score the easier it is on your readers, and below that is the Flesch-Kincaid grade level of writing skill.  I am just above crayon!!  (and who needs the stupid lines anyway?)

Who woulda thunk it?


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