Summer Rain

Well another load in a U-Haul trailer to Chattanooga delivered.  Zeke and I unloaded the trailer, well I unloaded while Zeke was conducting a survey of the smells around the house.  We took the trailer back just before the summer thunderstorm arrived.  It is amazing to me to have the twenty to thirty degree swing in temperature when the storms arrive.  You can smell the rain on the wind as the thunderstorm approaches, but a lot of summer rains aren’t thunderstorms.  Today was not ferocious with damaging winds, just rain and a soft rain at that.   I love to listen to it fall to the ground and it brings back so many memories of summertime.  I can remember being stuck in a tent at camp while the rain fell.  Trust me, the need for a rain runoff ditch around the tent was taught to me that day.  I remember un-air-conditioned houses and running around to close windows that were on the windward side of the house and opening the leeward windows.  We had to be vigilant because the wind would change direction undoing all of our work.  I remember being caught out in the open on hikes and using trash bags as makeshift ponchos.  What is lovely about summer rain is the smell afterward, the clean, fresh odor in the air.

That is like a lot of things in life if you stop to notice, there are inconveniences everywhere but there is also a redeeming aspect to them if you will stop and look.   Rain is a pain at times but the lawn looks refreshed, the colors seem brighter.  I have learned to wait before I react to a situation because sometimes there is some good stuff that will follow if you wait.  This is a metaphor for all the worry I engage in so forcefully.  I mean it all looks so potentially bad, yet after some blustery conditions and some wetness it really wasn’t so bad after all.  Besides, rain falls, things happen yet life goes on, and goes merrily along I might add.  So I want to look at the storm clouds on the horizon and in my life and be confident that this too will pass, and probably leave things refreshed and better in so many ways.  But if it is damaging, like the tornadoes that blew through that left damage we are still cleaning up there are lessons there as well.

This has been a tough year being apart, being stretched so thin logistically speaking but everything continues to unfold in a manner that suggests our lives will be rewarded for our patience.   So when the clouds appear on your horizon, watch and wait, be prepared for the rain, but in the end good things may be on the way.


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