Pacing oneself

Well I spoke with my son last night and for the first time I am encouraged with his maturity.  He has finished one year with Coca Cola as an entry level guy.  He has stayed in a state of frustration for the entire year as he is ready for his corner office in the headquarters downtown Atlanta.  I have a friend who reminded me that at his age three months seems like three years.  He admitted last night he is finally getting the hang of his job and is really beginning to perform well.  He has a Publix grocery store and a huge Wal-Mart in north Atlanta with a very demanding manager of the Wal-Mart who has repeatedly called in Coke managers to get what he wants.  My son is a clever person, he is able to see things the average person doesn’t notice.  He can negotiate with the lower managers for better display space through innuendo and assumption.  He tries little things to test ideas and some of them have turned out very well, and so far nothing has bombed.   So he is increasing the sales at the stores in various areas and has given tips to Coke management which have been implemented into policy and training programs.  Yet he stays frustrated and angry with the slow pace of his advancement, yet when I ask him about changing companies he is very loyal to Coke.

Missy and I have moved our whole lives to Chattanooga, all our belongings, our children’s belongings, some of her parent’s belongings into a new house.  We made a commitment to each other to approach this move in a measured and methodical manner.  We agreed not to paint or remodel for at least one year and preferablely two years.  We want to see the colors of the seasons, the changing light of the seasons, to experience the house first, then we can decide palettes and colors.  As it has turned out we couldn’t have made a better decision.  As we have tinkered in the various rooms our furniture has been a perfect fit, both in color and in size for the room.  We have taken our time and it has paid off better than we could have hoped for.  When I get the camera working we will post some pictures to show you what I mean.

I am not sure if it is the wisdom gained from age and experience or if it was fatigue that slowed us down because our usual M.O. has been to dive in and figure it out as we go.   In this case we have let the good things come to us instead of forcing the issue.  I wonder if that is God’s plan for us, Jesus says he comes so that we can have life and have it more abundantly.  Our abundance may be another man’s deprivation, but for us we have what we need and we are grateful.  What I am most grateful for is the peace gained from faith that it is unfolding as it should, and all the little coincidences have got to be the work of the Master. 

So as we run the race, we have learned not to sprint so much but to pace ourselves and that instead of exhausting ourselves running for the finish line it feels like the finish line comes to us.  I want my son to have the confidence gained from experience, that when he is in that corner office he has the satisfaction of having earned his place, and the confidence of really and truly knowing how things at the bottom work because he was there.  It is a matter of pacing himself and patiently allowing it to unfold for him.


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