Where is the line?

Jesus tells us to tend to “the least among us” to feed, clothe, visit, and not forget those on the edge of society.  Okay, got it.  Now yesterday Stanley Thornton Jr. was cleared of Social Security fraud and is demanding an apology from Senator Tom Coburn R OK (who is a MD by training) for accusing him of fraud.  Stanley was the subject of a National Geographic special that drew the senator’s attention to his case.  Watch it here:


My question is how can a man who can read schematics for construction of baby furniture to fit somebody of his stature be disabled to the point of collecting social security benefits.   He also needs a baby-sitter to tend to him when he is in “infant” mode.   I can only imagine what motivates him to do this.   I have my suspicions of his motives,  without getting too graphic I have to believe it is related to diaper maintenance.   I will let you take it from there.  Now, here is a guy living a fetish lifestyle, with an enabler who we are also sending disability checks to (who recently passed away RIP) relying on the charity of the American people.

Now, Jesus also tells us to cut off our hands if they cause us to sin, or to pluck out our eyeballs if they cause us to sin, so when is it a disability and thereby qualifies for being among “the least of us” and when is it indulging a sinful lifestyle?  Where is the line?  Are we to respect his dignity because he was baptised into the family of Christians or are we to upbraid him for a totally indulgent lifestyle revolving around getting his diaper changed?

When is it enabling and when is it charity?  We all have less extreme situations in our lives that we need to discern “the line” both for us and for those who are looking to us for guidance.   It could be a spouse or a child that we have looked the other way during episodes that don’t make us proud.  It could be a co-worker or friend involved in bad decisions that will impact their family and other groups of people.  Where is the line and when should we speak out to those people?


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