Viva la difference!

Well both boys were home this past weekend.  We ate steak, we did yard work, we grilled ribs, we did guy things.  It is funny with boys, there is more noise, there is more loyalty, there is a focus that is different with girls.  They stayed up late playing video games, they ate, they are blissfully unaware of how loud they are, how messy they are and you know what?  I love it.

When they were younger we would ask the girls to wake us when they came in on weekend nights to let us know they had returned safely and we would admonish the boys to not wake us up with their banging around in the kitchen as they prepared snacks to eat in front of the TV.   Boys and girls are different and thank God that in His wisdom he made us that way.   Missy can drive me crazy but she is such an enigma that I never lose interest,  she just intrigues me as she goes girl on me sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman’s rights advocate and I have pushed my girls to dream any dream they want to dream.  I didn’t want them inhibited by their gender and both my girls are every bit as “crunchy” as my boys.   Girls are just wired differently than men and comics have lived off that bit for years and years.   It is what makes the world go round. 

I think the Occupy Wall Street will be brought down not by ideology, or by police action but by the difference in boys and girls.  The press is full of accounts of how the boys in the drum circles are driving everybody crazy, and most especially the girls who organize everybody. Here is the article in New York Magazine  about the matter.  I bet those girls were perfect little tattle-tells in fourth grade.  They want the boys in the drum circles to submit to their authority and the boys are perfectly happy with anarchy.  So beyond altruism and ideology is the genetic wiring of our genders.  Viva la difference!


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