Help! I’ve fallen back an hour and I can’t get up.

It’s that time again, no pun intended, to “fall back” an hour as we return to “standard” time from our forray into “Daylight Savings” time.  I hate the time change, my dog and I still have our internal clocks on the old-time, Missy, well she wonders what time is it.  Just kidding.  On the whole it isn’t a bad concept; we aren’t changing time, just recalibrating our perception of time, and now the kiddies have some daylight getting on and off the bus to school. 

I wonder if we will be recalibrating other measurements in the coming years to cope with the financial situations around the world.  I remember the inflation of the seventies, and with the non-stop cacophony that is cable news, I wonder how much worse it will seem.  Also, as a side question, if inflation returns, will disco return as well?  Anyway, how we look at things is very important, at least as important as the way things are.  If you see a glass half full, is it?  If, as Thomas Edison once said, you see opportunity, will it be dressed in overalls and look like hard work?  We now see time an hour later than it was during the spring and summer. 

The kids in the parks around the OWS movement see the banks as the oppressor in their life and not the outrageous fees for attending a university.  Think about it for a second.   A college degree is pretty much the way it was thirty, forty, fifty, years ago.  Yet the tuition increases at a rate exponentially faster than inflation, why?  Is the diploma that much more valuable, or is it opulence plain and simple?  I have little sympathy for the kids in the parks.  Missy left a liberal arts school to attend a teachers college so that she would be able to find a job when she graduated.  There just aren’t a lot of people paying for the skill sets attained by “women’s rights” majors, much less paying enough to repay a whopper of a student loan balance.  So the kids see their situation as somebody else’s fault and blame the greed of the banks for their folly in handing over enormous sums of money to be “cool” in school. 

How do you see things?  Is it somebody else’s fault or do you own up to your bad decisions and live with them?  I know that I have railed against “the man” and everybody else at times for not having the foresight to see the consequences of my actions or inactions.  Luckily for me, my problems have been manageable.  I’ve made messes but none so big I couldn’t get them cleaned up, even if it hurt a whole lot at the time.   Shoot, I still have trouble with making good decisions, but now I wait a bit before making them.  So today I can blame other people for the fact that I have trouble trying to figure out what time it is today.


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