Happy Birthday Darling

Just like the lines from a country music song, I sing it from the heart.  Missy and I have known each other and jave been married to one and another for almost thirty years.  Yesterday was her birthday.  The gift that she has this birthday is the gift of time.  How precious that gift is when you actually stop and think about it.  We all have the same amount, but how frivolously we give it away.  Often the gift of time is given to people we don’t like, things we don’t care for, and just wasted.

But for her years I will say that for the most part she has used her time wisely and been a good steward.  Her problem is that people want to spend time with her, using their time as well as hers.  My wife has the nasty problem of being able to talk with anybody for extended periods of time.  I mean workmen, acquaintances, anybody.  She can talk for hours with them, mostly she is very good at listening to them and they are hungry to tell their story to anybody probably.  She has also used her time wisely in the time she spent with her parents as they succumbed to illness.  She was visiting them several times a week, teaching full-time, parenting, and being a wife when she could, talk about burning the candle at both ends! 

But now she has time to be by herself, to be with her children, to be with me.  She has time to excercise, to read and meditate, to fix up her home, to visit friends, to do so many of the things that were squeezed out of her life during the super busy period of a few years ago. 

It is funny to think about how we use time.  We only get so much, and we never know how much we will get.  Missy and I have had friends taken from this life prematurely and it gives us pause.  It makes us think about what kind of stewards we are with our time.  I would like to think we have stumbled onto a balance of time, given to duty and responsiblity, as well as time given to ourselves to use however we like.   We are moving into a phase of being more intentional how we use our time.  Yes, we often will just sit for hours talking about the days ahead and the work to be done, about the situations our children find themselves in, about our neighbors, about our families and friends, about nothing at all.  It is good to have the time to catch up, even if we have been apart for only a few hours.  I think spending last year apart gave us a new appreciation for time spent together.


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