Does the Marlboro Man ride again?

Gentle readers I had stopped posting because I felt like I had turned cranky and I didn’t want this to devolve into some kind of sentimental rant.  I am moved to post today when I saw the news that the Georgia Supreme Court had struck down a law banning those who assist suicide from advertising.   What makes this personal is a friend of my daughters was a lawyer involved in this case.  I had written her after reading a Facebook post she had made proclaiming the injustice of the law, and this was a child that had been in my Sunday School class.  But let me give you some background as to why that would prompt a reaction from me.  I have had several friends, more than I had realized when I began adding them up commit suicide.  Almost always it was a result of depression in one form or another, and by form I mean some of them were on antidepressants when they took their life.  It had been haunting to me, their despair reaching a level of throwing in the towel, even at our ripe middle age.   So this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and I wanted to understand her passion for this case.  She explained to me that it is about free speech.  Huh?  I thought commerce was regulated, and those activities deemed “unhealthy” were ESPECIALLY regulated.  Taking your life, after paying somebody to help you go through with it strikes me as the pinnacle of unhealthy activities.  So when I asked her if Phillip Morris et al could re-enter the advertising world under the “free speech” rights she shut down communication with me.  So I ask you, if it is okay to advertise to help somebody kill themselves, what possibly could top that as far as being unhealthy to you?


It is an interesting little circle of control, the bureaucrats give academics and “scientists” money to do research to find out things that are unhealthy.  They bring back the results to the bureaucrats who then proceed to regulate and hire more bureaucrats to do the regulating.  Sugar is the latest, last week the study came out that it needs to be regulated like alcohol, and drugs.  Before that was carbon.  Tobacco.  Fats.   If you think about it the list just perpetuates itself into the inner realms of our lives.  But, helping somebody take their life, for a fee I am assuming, is an act of free speech and cannot be limited by government according the Georgia Supreme court.  Makes me want to light up and ride off into the sunset.


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