Sous Vide!!

Missy and I went to one of her high school classmate’s 60th birthday party in a gorgeous setting in western North Carolina.  The view from the deck was simply amazing.  It was a wonderful weekend as old, both long tenured and aged, friends re-united for a celebration of a milestone.  Missy shares the same birthdate as our hostess so it was especially intimate.  Three other couples joined us, all passing the 60th lap around the sun this past year.  Our host’s husband had arranged for a chef to come cook the birthday dinner Saturday night, what a treat!  I had walked into the kitchen for some ice, anova-wifi-cooker-product-photos-5imagine that, and noticed the sous vide machine on the counter.  I asked him about it and he told me how simple it was.  Hello Amazon.  I found the brand Anova and ordered two, one for me and one for my daughter and son-in-law.  This machine is very versatile. Not only does it protect your investment in expensive cuts of meat but it can cook an egg like nothing else you have ever had, the slow poach.  Wow!!  A quick aside,  what the machine does is heat the water to an exact temperature and then hold it right there until you tell it to stop.  While technically you can’t over cook foods, you can go too far, but more on that later.  So as I looked for more sous vide recipes I found what has to be the coolest website I have found in a long time; Serious Eats  This site is a combination of Cooks Illustrated, Cooking for Engineers, and Alton Brown.  These folks research, try out recipes, gear, techniques.  It is a one stop shop for home chefs.  The deeper you dig the more cool things you find.  I have my eye on a backyard pizza oven they recommend for birthday/Christmas this year.  I really want to master pizza and it is so ubiquitous that you would think I can do it.  But for whatever reason I have pizza dough block.  I will do like these guys and just keep on making it until I get it right.  But back to the sous vide machine, it can tenderize meat by holding the temperature to an exact degree for hours, the meat is cooked through and through and then a quick char on a super hot grill or cast iron skillet and it is perfect.  At Serious Eats they break down what various temperatures do as well as different length of times cooked.  This helps you find the sweet spot for your palate.  Fish, veggies, it is all good in the sous vide bath.  Anova is coming out with a new model, the Nano this fall and the price will be under $100.  Now you can buy that expensive cut of lamb, beef, fish and not worry about overcooking it.  Enjoy.


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